Self Discovery

with Dr. Sarah

Dr Sarah Neustadter. Spiritual and Clinical Psychologist offerening Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Shamanic groups, Individual and group therapy. Venice, Los Angeles, California.

Dr Sarah Neustadter, Psychologist

Dr Sarah Neustadter, a born and raised New York transplant, is a catalyst for creative professionals, artists and seekers to access parts of themselves that have been asleep. For over a decade she has helped clients experience more freedom, full self expression, connection to their bodies, abundance, play, and ease.


Dr Sarah holds  a Ph.D. in Clinical Transpersonal Psychology and has expertise in psychodynamic depth-work, grief counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness.

Her work integrates a "no nonsense" New York ethic with  traditional clinical work, and alternative modalities of healing such as meditation, mindfulness, shamanism, mind-body practices, and the invisible realms of spirit and consciousness. Dr Sarah's work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, she is mentored by a world renowned Peruvian Shaman and is a highly trained facilitator.


Dr Sarah is known for creating safe, nurturing, rich, soul-expanding experiences for clients to heal themselves, love who they are, and feel a sense of belonging to the world.


She creates art infused, intimate group journey gatherings where artists, creatives, and spiritual seekers connect, play and explore deeper parts of themselves. These unique, modern-day, mystery school sanctuaries transform and heal through music, dancing, connecting and journeying. Deep integration through her private counseling sessions allows clients to bridge a powerful sense of themselves, transform their lives and become their most expressed alive self.  

The people that work with Dr Sarah are ready for big, lasting change.


Dr Sarah brings the most effective tools she’s ever come across to her clients. It is common for patterns that have been stuck for years to shift. Her unique process yields the fastest results with tangible, immediate changes like:

*couples on the brink of divorce saving their marriage

*moving through grief and learning to connect with your loved one on the other side

*clearing depression

*healing childhood traumas and abuse

*understanding your life purpose or soul-calling

*finding love and starting new relationships

*valuing and loving yourself more


Dr Sarah currently offers her spiritual sanctuary group work and private counseling sessions in Venice. When she’s not transforming lives,  you can find her dancing, working on her next rad 8-hour playlist, or writing her memoir and self help book for women who have lost spouses.

We have a choice to live out a life that’s been given to us- programs and conditioning that we’ve been taught, but it doesn’t allow us to live our full potential in a free way. I’m an invitation for you to become the greatest expression of yourself. This work provides tools to give you access to a life way beyond anything you could ever see possible for yourself.

Contact Dr Sarah to find out if her spiritual sanctuary group or private sessions will be the best fit for you.