Self Discovery

with Dr. Sarah

Dr Sarah Neustadter. Spiritual and Clinical Psychologist offerening Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Shamanic groups, Individual and group therapy. Venice, Los Angeles, California.

These private, individual counseling sessions are customized to fit your needs and desires for psycho-spiritual growth or creative activation. 

Sessions can be customized for artists, creatives and professionals who want to take their art, craft, inspiration, and productivity to the next level.  

Dr Sarah integrates an eclectic range of tools to support you that include: Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Inquiry, Spiritual Inquiry, The Work of Byron Katie, inner guide meditations, guided visualization work, guided meditation, forgiveness work, Psychosynthesis, sub-personality work, Active Imagination, dreamwork, Gestalt work, creative expression, movement, breathwork, life-purpose exercise, and shamanic practices. This holistic range of tools allows you to work as clinical or as spiritual as you would like.

Blindspot Discovery


12 Individual Sessions

This 3 month package of weekly private sessions includes first exploring any depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and wounding that may be affecting you. We'll work on healing and clearing them. You will learn new tools for how to mange conscious states and unconscious habits that don't forward your life. From there we will dive into behavior patterns and thoughts that do not serve you. I will help you connect the dots in your life to transform your blind-spots in love, work, and relationships. Once we've mapped that out we will get to work on new habits, and healthy thoughts so you can have a deeply fulfilling life.


This is PERFECT for you if you:

  • have so many commitments to other people you do not take time for yourself
  • don’t forgive yourself or give yourself what you need
  • are filled with self doubt and guilt
  • feeling buried under a heap of overwhelm
  • would love a deep, soulful relationship
  • are on the verge of a spiritual awakening
  • want to integrate every part of your life so you feel whole
  • desire comfort, happiness and joy
  • ready to feel stable, grounded, and centered



Customized Private Journey Session This customized, private ceremonial journey is a 12-hour overnight experience at either my private sanctuary in Venice or your place. 

You'll have an opportunity to share what you want support with, what you want in your life and what you want to change. We will co-create the experience, collaborating on the format and then setting the intention. 

I’ll explain the work, and we'll explore your preferences, desires and fears to design your perfect ceremony experience. Then you'll be served a customized sacrament based on your needs and intentions. The journey unfolds as you experience a state of awareness and beauty much like the poetry of Rumi.

You'll receive individualized attention and guidance based on what emerges. I will guide you in an evening of breathwork, bodywork, energy work, movement, dance, sound work, and yoga. 

The evening will end with a delicious bowl of homemade organic vegetarian warming soup. If staying at my Venice Sanctuary, you will have your own room with a queen bed, organic mattress, private bathroom and shower. 

You'll be served a light breakfast of coffee, tea, fruit and pastries in the morning. We’ll have an integration session to bridge the journey into your life. You’ll receive guidance and support with what shows up and how to work with it. You'll leave with your very own customized playlist so you have the sound experiences and memories to integrate into your life forever.


This is perfect if...

You want a life changing experience with the ultimate form of privacy, protection and pampering possible. This complete experience is custom designed so that you can have the most profound transformation possible- even in the comfort of your own home if you choose!

The session will begin by spending some time connecting with what’s coming up in your life including:

  • relationships
  • exploring marriage/divorce, 
  • career,
  • life purpose, 
  • grief, 
  • heartbreak that needs healing, 
  • big life transitions and life changes, 
  • parenthood, 
  • exploring ideas, visions, and creative projects. 


what people are saying about working with dr sarah:

Sarah combines the skillfulness of a seasoned clinician, a compassionate and wise heart, and the soulfulness of a person who has traversed many lifetimes. She has the ability to understand her clients from the inside out. And, she thinks beyond standard rote approaches to therapeutic practice. If you are seeking wise counsel and competent guide to help you find your way back to yourself again, I highly recommend Sarah!
— Dr. K.C., Transpersonal Psychologist, Age 37, Miami
Before I met Sarah I had no idea how my unconscious behavior around my childhood trauma of growing up in a war had affected my daily
life. I wasn’t completely present. Sarah’s ability to hold space and awareness allowed me to work through what I was confronted with, even when I wasn’t really aware of the patterns. But Sarah’s best guidance has been in my life presently. I have taken complete responsibility of my life. I feel more available to life. There is an excitement about waking up to live. Thank you so much Sarah.
— F.A, age 46, Bodyworker + Dancer, Los Angeles, CA
I’m coming up on a WHOLE YEAR being WEED-FREE thanks to your support! It’s a big deal to me! Removing that impulse from my thought process forced me to fill in the gap with more proactive stuff and now I don’t feel like a slacker so much!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for being so thoughtful, supportive and open-minded. Even entertaining the idea of going to therapy was a daunting and scary idea to me. I will always be grateful for your work and wisdom.
— R.S., Writer, Age 32, Los Angeles